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Steadily Remove the Frictions in Becoming a Founder (service for developers)
Problem developers face
It’s extremely hard to be a founder, and to learn entrepreneurship skills can take years.
Developers want to understand more than technology.
They need guidance on how to make products, and market them.
They want to understand how to evaluate ideas.
Solution we propose
For those who are not in a hurry, we provide a consultancy service which can help them prepare for entrepreneurship. They can do this while on a job, and build confidence.
  • They will be able to understand marketing and product concepts, which are available on the web
  • They will be able to connect with marketers and product folks for chat, evaluation and partnering
  • They will be able to form their own strategies, concepts, ideas on marketing and product.
They should have at least 7-12 years of experience
In 2 hours of engagement per week
  • Learn at their own pace
  • Ask any question
  • Be on a learning path
  • Try fundamental experiments
The learning path is completely tailored to your personality, needs, and capability
What you get
🎈 6 hours availability over chat, call, and video DAILY
🎈 2 hours of engagement per week
Our packages start at $5,000/year/individual
Service Delivery
  • Multi Touch, No fixed hours, Contact as many times
  • Always Available, No Schedule Hiccups
  • Relaxed Service, Focus on Learning, Not Achieving
I do consultancy in a discovery way, where we talk with an individual and let them think or research and come up with answers. This way they are likely to understand what they need to know.
It’s a one-chat-away service, where the individual can connect anytime and use the service at their pace and need. I am currently charging $5,000/year/individual and you can pay monthly quarterly or yearly - whatever makes you confident in the spend.
Here's an example of marketing
Let's talk for a year
We are going to aim to learn this below system
This system allows you to build products, do sales, do research CONTINUOUSLY, while in the mix of marketing and delivery motions, constantly creating trouble in our lives.
Knowledge Areas we cover
  • Finding our skills and knowing what we are building
  • Understand how to make a marketing budget
  • Difference between user research, market research, product research….
  • Gain an understanding of establishing product thinking
  • Write a Sales Plan for enterprise clients
  • Decipher the Marketing Management Expanse
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