A better business proposition

I find that not expending money on building something is quite a admirable process in which you create the selling environment of an offering again and again as time proceeds.

Making a selling environment here happens on findings and assumptions and this is not easy to create. By a selling environment we mean everything needed to sell a product.

What this repetition of creating SEs does is
1. Allows you to create leaner offerings
2. Plan the business better

This is a killer combo, at one hand the offering becomes easier to understand while your plan becomes harder to fathom by others.

This is why not spending money while creating SE’s for your product can be a way to form better business propositions.

Examining various perspectives inevitably leads to diverse thoughts. However, to achieve success, it is crucial to consistently view things from a specific angle and identify the perspective conducive to success. The key advice is to bear in mind that others have successfully navigated their paths.
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